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Little by little the site is coming together, keep checking back to see the progress.​


as events come available they will be posted.

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each and everyday is a blessing from God. in todays advances in technology and the way we receive information , we loose sight of what is most important.

 We need to set aside the differences in the delivery of the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 We as Christians we will try to move mountains in the service of the Lord. We must always take the time to listen to those in need of someone who need some to listen to them. We practice Outreach ministry as did the Apostles , and we ask each and every one to help in daily outreach. 

 United Open Air Ministry is located in Queensbury NY, Services available within a reasonable distance, Inquire By contacting Us. 
  Also Please fill out proper request that can be found by clicking on the Request Forms tab.
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